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SmartParc’s Global Reach

SmartParc’s vision is to become the leading provider of specialist food business parks worldwide, and the natural home for food processing companies wanting to make their businesses fit for the future
Our foundations are in the UK, and the developed world. But our long-term goal is to have SmartParcs in every major continent, and to play a key part in changing food production for good worldwide. 
SmartParc also aligns closely with the business goals and objectives of food production companies both large and small. We offer access to shared services, cost savings, process efficiency, commercial growth, access to new markets, as well as employment opportunities, and a significant contribution to ESG goals
SmartParc SEGRO Derby
Our development programme began with SmartParc SEGRO Derby. This is our foundation business park site, which is already in operation in the East Midlands, UK.
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We are also exploring opportunities for further Parks around the UK, so we can service all corners of our home market.
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We have additional plans for SmartParcs across Europe. Priority markets/ regions include Ireland and Eastern Europe, with others sure to follow.
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We are about to embark on our first SmartParc in Canada, with lots of encouraging interest from other states and regions.
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The SmartParc formula is well suited to helping developing countries to modernize food systems and supply chains. We are currently reviewing opportunities in Asia, Africa, and Australasia. We are seeking government, NGO and commercial partners to accelerate these conversations.
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For more information about moving your food processing business to SmartParc, or setting up a new SmartParc in your city, town or region, please contact the SmartParc Business Development team at +44 (0)1628 297979 or info@smart-parc.com