Food Production Reimagined

SmartParc’s first site, in partnership with SEGRO, launched April 2022 in Derby.
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We're reimagining food production for the 21st Century

SmartParc is an innovative new food business park, which reimagines food production for the 21st Century.
The space at SmartParc has been created to address the key challenges facing the food production industry around the world, and to allow companies to produce high quality food in a better and more sustainable way. 
It also offers great opportunities for cities, regions and national governments to boost their economies. 

Are your food premises past their sell-by date?

Many food companies are tied to legacy buildings, which were built many years ago, and are not able to cope with changing market conditions. 
SmartParc offers an exciting way forward for companies looking to reimagine their food production business. 
Our flexible leasing model allows you to upgrade, expand and re-configure in line with changing market conditions.

Share resources and save hundreds and thousands

We cannot solve the planet’s problems without first sorting out food supply chains.
SmartParc is 100% focused on food production. We bring together companies with similar interests to share resources, and collaborate to make food supply chains work better.
We work with our tenants to optimise operating processes. This can lower production costs by as much as 20%. Our shared distribution hub helps to improve efficiency, reduce food miles, and offer better value to customers.

Not moving can ​be a complete waste of energy.​

Energy costs are spiraling, and putting real pressure on food company margins. At SmartParc our shared energy platform uses sustainable sources, and can deliver cost savings of 30%+. 
We also offer efficient shared solutions for water and effluent. These services help to combat climate change, and support ESG goals. They also align with our path to net zero.

The finest honey comes from a good supply of the keenest workers

Good quality workers are in short supply at the moment.
All SmartParc sites are conveniently located to access a diverse workforce with the right managerial and engineering skills, as well as those looking for more flexible employment.
Our largest sites can create up to 5,000 jobs.

Our Innovation Centres give you access to the sharpest minds and cutting-edge thinking

Our on-site Food Manufacturing Innovation and Technology Centres provide space for university food research and industry collaboration. They offer training in food-related services, and can act as a hub for career development in food production.
They are also a potential home for emerging local and regional SMEs to fast-track their food business with help from industry experts.
We are preparing for the future by building strong links with local communities, and reconnecting schools with the importance of food and the food industry.

The many rewards of moving to SmartParc

SmartParc is the smart choice for food businesses, offering improved productivity, process optimisation, cost savings, access to new markets, commercial success, and a greener future.
It also brings many rewards to the host city or region, including industrial diversification, attracting major manufacturers, economic growth, high quality jobs, more secure food supply chains, and a contribution to achieving net zero by 2030.
We have exciting plans to launch new SmartParcs worldwide. Why not partner with us?

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For more information about moving your food processing business to SmartParc, or setting up a new SmartParc in your city, town or region, please contact the SmartParc Business Development team at +44 (0)1628 297979 or