About Us

We reimagine food production for the C21st

Our Aim

All of us who have grown up and worked in the food industry know the challenges its facing. We want to support the food sector to address the future challenges of food production.
SmartParc has been purposely designed by people from our industry for our industry. It is a new asset class specifically aimed at addressing our industry’s challenges and provides the springboard to develop sustainable food production for the future.

The Benefits of coming to SmartParc

SmartParc offers businesses the opportunity to collaborate not only on how to future-proof the food industry but also within their shared services on each Park.

Efficient Production Through Great Design

An opportunity to design your purpose-built facility to be the most efficient best in class process, targeting reduction in production costs by up to 20%. SmartParc's Design Partner and Sister Company is SPHere Design - a Technical and Strategic Design Consultancy specialising in Food and Drink Processing. Click below to learn more.

Sustainable Shared Energy Platform

SmartParc’s central shared platform harnesses wind, solar and energy balancing to drastically reduce your energy bills by up to 30%.  SmartParc’s solution allows us to recycle every kw of energy used as we work towards net zero by 2030.

Shared Services Reducing Costs

By sharing non-competitive services such as security, waste, engineering, hygiene, training, labour resources and lab services, our collaborators reduce their costs and improve their sustainability credentials as less resources are employed. A win:win for the bottom line and the environment.

Designed for Food

By having a building specifically designed for food and drink production, manufacturers avoid the heavy costs of remodelling before fitting out, as well as the costs associated with dilapidations before handing back.

Dedicated SmartParc Project Team

We will have a dedicated team of food professionals to provide support to your team on-site.  As your business grows, our team will assist if remodelling is required.  SmartParc will liaise with SEGRO to ensure swift approvals for alterations.

Central Distribution Centre

Central distribution facility on-site to enable shared storage rented by the pallet to manage the ebb and flow of space efficiently.  Shared goods also enables collaborative procurement of bulk items and efficient temperature controlled storage space for all collaborators.

New Routes to Market

By working together our collaborating businesses can offer a picked service of a range of products suitable to go either direct to consumer or via more traditional channels to food service and retail.  Eliminating the need for a further leg of the distribution journey.

Access to People

SmartParc will provide a great environment to attract and retain people.  Each Parc will provide upwards of 5,000 jobs and will be capable of providing a range of opportunities to people facilitating them building a career whilst never needing to move away from their community.
By establishing great sustainable transport links and providing a range of on-site services, SmartParc will create a work-life balance which will ensure a sustainable and trained workforce on your doorstep.

Access to Grants & Funding

SmartParc is teaming up with local universities and Campden to give our ‘collaborators’ access to the best institutions and opening up the world of technology to the food industry.  Through our ‘manufacturing centre of excellence’ SmartParc will be the  hub where we can bring in new people and develop an exciting environment to attract and retain the brightest people in our industry.
We will become a focal point for innovation and funding and will support our collaborators to access the available grant funding.

Our Team

The SmartParc leadership team has a track record of success in food and beverage manufacturing.
Jackie Wild
Kate Hancock
Phil Lovell
Richard Kay
Nigel Stevens
Ennio Zambito
Giles Caswell
Andy Riches