North America

North America is an important market for SmartParc

North America is an important market for SmartParc, and one where our focus on food systems transformation, shared resources, efficiency savings and sustainability, is particularly relevant.
In the US, the recent White House National Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition and Health (Sept 2022) highlighted the problems being experienced by many American families in feeding themselves healthily and sustainably. It calls for collective action and collaboration to make food supply chains work better. This is exactly what SmartParc is proposing and offering.
Similarly, SmartParc is well aligned with the goals of the recent Food Policy for Canada, which calls for multi-stakeholder collaboration to bring about change in food systems. It also calls for integration, innovation, and increased focus on sustainability, all of which are central to SmartParc’s food business park offering.
We are already in negotiation to set up our first SmartParc in North America, in a strategic location, which is close to major population centres and transport links. In addition, it provides excellent opportunities for economic regeneration.
SmartParc is also well placed to meet the needs of innovative food technology companies, many of which were originally set up in the US.  This sector includes businesses specialising in vertical farming, and alternative proteins. Supporting their exciting growth plans is very much part of our development agenda for North America, and beyond.

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