There's Something About Seeds

September 21, 2023

In April 2023, SmartParc partnered with Willsow to create a plantable leaflet. We think that this business deserves a little more love!

Willsow's plantable leaflet for SmartParc

Thomas Willday and friend James Coulthurst created Willsow in 2019, producing plantable children's books. This idea was inspired by seed paper that was being used to make business cards. As Tom is the 4th generation to manage his 78-year-old family printing company, he knew he could create something particularly special. Their wider aim is to educate children (and adults) about the environment and and what we can do to protect it.

There are books that plant carrots, basil, lettuce, pumpkin, dill and parsley.

Since their creation, Willsow has branched out to make cards from elephant poo and cards made from grass. So next time you're looking for a birthday or thank you card, why not wish them a Happy Pooping Birthday?

Willsow's paper is made from recycled material mixed with water and non-GMO seeds. The ink used is a vegetable-based oiled ink and an eco-UV water-based biodegradable ink. Both inks are printed using machines that are run completely on renewable energy. Any offcuts are also recycled or sent to local charities for children to plant.

Willsow is a fantastic business and you can check out their website here.