SmartParc's New Design Director

September 21, 2023
Giles Caswell, Design Director

On 11th April 2023, we welcomed Giles Caswell to the SmartParc team as our new Design Director. In this role Giles will be leading on master planning and building design across our global projects.

Giles's relationship with SmartParc actually began many years ago. Ashton Smith Associates, Giles's former workplace, were employed to assist in the materialisation of SmartParc in Derby and Giles led the design and delivery of this project. After 7 years with ASA, Giles came to SmartParc and we are delighted to have him with us.

Giles has worked on a multitude of projects throughout his career at ASA and at Smith Smalley Architects, where he worked from 1998 - 2005. He was studying at York College when the position of Office Junior was offered at SSA and thus began an impressive portfolio. At ASA Giles worked on many design projects for Tesco stores and was given progressively more responsibility, in recognition of his work.

In 2007, Giles acted as Lead Architectural Design and Project Technician for a project to complete Tesco's Composite Distribution Centre in Livingston, Scotland. Other projects that were completed whilst at ASA included a Greencore Sandwiches processing facility in Northampton and a Greencore Sushi factory. Giles was also involved in over 100 projects for Amazon and was a Key Account Manager for Amazon projects until his departure from ASA to join SmartParc.

The exciting arrival of Giles as part of the senior team will help us continue to innovate and strive towards making our SmartParc vision a reality.