The Energy Centre at SmartParc SEGRO Derby

March 7, 2024

In May 2023, we showcased our Energy Centre at SmartParc SEGRO Derby to visitors from Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, hosted by colleagues at Veolia UK . Guests were shown how the project will help the SmartParc site attain low-carbon and cost-effective heating and cooling.

The beating heart of the park, this centralised energy system is operated for the benefit of all tenants - no matter their size or energy requirements. It is the first of its kind in the food industry.

The system will be centrally operated based on an ammonia refrigerant to supply each building with a hot and cold water loop.

This shared heating and cooling system recycles heat from refrigeration plants and reuses it to heat water and offices and will save 30,537 tons of CO2e per annum – the equivalent of 11,700 acres of forest - once the Park is fully built out and operational.

Most importantly, the SmartParc team have delivered an energy balancing system which is fully future proof. It has been designed with an ability to connect future innovative technologies including wind, nuclear and hydrogen power without overinvesting in any one solution.

This substantial investment in green energy infrastructure for the benefit of all food partners at the park is something that each of them would be unable to make on their own.

Our Energy Centre in Derby, July 2023