SmartParc's New Chief Strategy Officer

September 21, 2023
Kevin Copsey Chief Strategy Officer SmartParc
Kevin Copsey, Chief Strategy Officer

Kevin Copsey OBE joins the SmartParc team as our new Chief Strategy Officer. In this role Kevin will be helping the team in our globalisation efforts by identifying countries to expand into where SmartParc will have the most effective impact.

"Building world-class teams to drive strategy, seize opportunity and manage exponential growth." - Kevin Copsey, CSO

Before joining SmartParc, Kevin was a Major General in the British Army and over his 35 years of service he assumed a variety of roles and worked all around the world. He led soldiers in Afghanistan on two occasions, the second for which he was awarded the honour of Order of the British Empire.

Kevin's deployment to Banda Ache, Indonesia after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, helped him understand how SmartParc could make a significant difference in struggling communities around the world.

More recently, Kevin was stationed in Iraq as the Deputy Commander of the Combined Joint Task Force where he led 120000 people from 25 different nations. Afterwards, Kevin was Chief of Staff at NATO's Allied Rapid Reaction Corps headquarters which included 20 different nations.

Kevin's experiences will aid him in unifying and leading the SmartParc team and we are excited to expand and growth with him here.